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The advantages and disadvantages of sandblasting?

The advantages and disadvantages of sandblasting?
Update Time:2018-01-09
The advantages and disadvantages of sandblasting?
1. Environmental protection, because the coating don’t need to be painted, the sand can be recycled, and it has little harm to the environment.
2. Low cost
3. The ability of concealer is very strong, which can completely eliminate the trace of surface water on the product.
4. After sandblasting, it could be done the other surfaced finished to increase the adhesion of spray paint and spray powder.

1. Colorless selection, only the workblank itself color ..
2. High noisy and dusty during the production.
3. Flammable and explosive, it could be generated a large amount of metal powder during the production process, which can easily ignite or even explode.
Sandblasting is the use of sand to carry out high speed and high density of the product, which is formed the high density and small potholes in the surface on the product , so forming a frosted surface. Sandblasting is widely used in various hardware products, especially casting parts.