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What should be paid attention to testing equipment installation?

What should be paid attention to testing equipment installation?
Update Time:2018-06-15
What should be paid attention to testing equipment installation?

1. Do not despise the grounding problem and install the correct ground line according to the requirement

For grounding point problems, if the entire device is a unit, then no problem. If it is divided into several units and install ground wire separately,the noise will be caused due to the difference in potential between the ground point. So it does work at the same point.

2.  good power filter

All kinds of mechanical be operated, which will introduce high frequency current, so we should set the power filter to eliminate it , big building must use a lot of power machinery.

In addition,he variable speed motor carbon brush discharge will form the noise source, and there are many fluorescent lamps on the ceiling, so some trouble may come in from the power line. Therefore, some excellent power supply filters are required.

3.  Prepare the electrical plugs that match the equipment power supply in advance

For devices with a capacity of more than 20A, the device's power cord is generally unplugged and users are often unaware of it.

The capacity of more than 20A generally use the knife switch or the aviation plug, so the manufacturer generally does not offer the plug. It is best not to use a normal power plug. In addition, ordinary power plug, easy to damaged,and over capacity will be hot even dangerous. The power cord of the equipment, usually take the thick insulated cord , the ordinary plug is difficult to install. Don't try to put it on and use it. It will cause a short circuit.

When using the knife switch, the copper wire in the soft line is cleaned neatly, carefully soldered with tin and then installed. And if you want have fewer failure i recommend you use a compression joint. 

All in all, when buying equipment, make surewhat kind of power plug is most appropriate and ready in advance. This is an important part of long-term use, and it is absolutely necessary to provide electricity to the equipment through the plug.

4.  Do not use theunknown source power

The power source is unknown, even if the wiring is convenient, also do not use freely. The first thing is to figure out if there's electricity? If there is electricity, how much do you need to know the voltage? How big? Enough to use? Then decide to use it.

5.  Remember to cutting off the noise source

Connected on the same power cord with some devices that need high current at that moment to startso the noise is strung through the power cord. Equipment that could be a source of noise and we should keep it as far as possible so that to protect other devices from it . remember to cutting off the noise!

6 .  ventilation of equipment

Belongs to electronic circuit inside of equipment, continued in high temperature condition, will cause mistake, attention should be paid to the circuit of cooling the lamp power supply as well as a variety of electronic circuit of the integrated components’ s surface temperature will over 100 . Once the ventilation is bad, not only can cause the wrong action, but also can damage the component, even make the equipment ruined

7. Pay attention to the fixed bolts of transportation

When the device is out of the factory, to ensure that it does not shake during transit, it is sure to add a fixed bolt to the key points, or to embed the device in a fixed frame. In the instruction manual, the installation is usually accompanied with a photograph, which is illustrated in detail. Don't throw this bolt away casually. Sometimes it will be used when assembling the equipment. In addition, when the equipment is sent to repair, it may be useful, so keep it properly.

8. The measures should be taken correctly

In the operation instructions of the equipment, the location of the place will be written "no vibration place". But no such instruction has been seen, in which the specific words are "how many Hertz vibration should be control". Probably because the specific situation of the user are different, therefore can not be specified. But people still want to be able to have such an indicator, "within the actual use range, roughly control ". Unfortunately, the shock-proof countermeasures we have adopted so far have been adjusted and test, which is also impossible.

In terms of shockproof measures, anyway, the first step should be to eliminate the source of vibration. More units have installed indoor air conditioning recently, most of which are directly placed on the ground. It is a pity that make something easy. Although the internal air compressor has the support of anti - shock rubber, the whole air conditioner can be found have strong shock even without the test,. In fact, a ring damper can be used on the four corners to prevent vibration In addition, this kind of occasion should avoid drain pipe to die, you’d better use soft sub.

9. Pay attention to dust pollution

Dust according to its particle size and composition can be classified as media dust, dust, smoke and so on. Dust in some factories, sometimes containing harmful heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, lead, chromium, arsenic, etc. It is not only consider the precision, but also the safety and health care of the operators, thus some reasonable measures should be taken.

In fact, not only the structure of the building , the analysis room near the road is vulnerable to dust. The equipment precision and the equipment itself will be damaged as well as shorten the service life. If the time keep longer,the mental health of the operator is harmful, so it is necessary to take proper measures.

10. Avoid the direct sunlight

You can shut out the Windows with glass and cotton insulation that is often used in residential buildings. We can skip big room, if the small room have no window, which give a person intense feeling, operator spirit also easy fatigue. Therefore, it is not recommended. But recommended to put "sunshine adjustment film" on the window pane. This is a thin film of aluminum coated on polyester film, which can reflect over 70% of the solar radiation heat, so the room temperature will not rise due to the heat of the solar radiation.